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Adjustable Wrap Ring Love Yourself | MIA•MIA

Regular price $24.99

Love Yourself Ring

It’s time to feel confident with your jewelry, so don’t worry about taking your MIA•MIA rings out to the beach or the pool, NOT EVEN FOR exercising! Because regular jewelry is about been able to express yourself but AMAZING jewelry is about been able to use it everywhere and all the time.

They are adjustable, so no matter the size of your finger you will be able to use them 💗. 

You can also choose between three colors: gold, silver and rose gold. And If you can’t decide (we know how hard it is) just combine them for a perfect look!

💗 High Quality • Light Weight • Adjustable • Adorable package 💗

Item details:
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Length: 6.63 in
Width: 0.07 in
Weight: 0.07 oz