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Personalized Bracelet With Hearts

Our variety for cuff bracelets is endless! This wider option will also help you keep a memory for a lifetime when you want a more eye-catching bracelet. 

This is our middle size option, so is in between our thin bracelet and the thicker one that we have available. They are all adjustable! So the difference is only in terms of how wide you want yours to be.

All MIA•MIA personalized adjustable cuff bracelets are made with only the best hypoallergenic, lead free 100% stainless steel and will never tarnish or get green.

Available in gold, silver, or rose gold plated finishes. The gold and rose gold designs have a thick overlay of 18K Gold using high quality PDV plating for long life and endurance.

High Quality • Light Weight • Adjustable • Adorable package 

It's so easy to design your own bracelet!
1. Personalize it: can be engraved with any symbol, word, name, initial and date. 
2. Select the font: We have 5 different styles available.
3. Choose between three colors: gold, silver and rose gold.
4. Don't forget to add a birthstone!

Item details: 
Bangle Length:  6.99 in 
Bangle Width: 0.236 in 
Bangle Weight: 0.25 oz